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Clit is the newest and most comprehensive web site for information regarding the Clitoris.  Inside you can view information about it's external and extensive internal anatomy, historical accounts of the clitoris, and information regarding it's potential for pleasure for both men and women.

We are currently under construction, but please visit us again soon for all the latest news, infomation, and events about the Clitoris. In the meantime, you can check out two of our all time favorite educational videos by the Welcomed Consensus.
Deliberate Orgasm Essentials

Expand your sex life beyond what you imagine possible.

Within this 3 video set, the elements of communication and tools for having a gratifying sex life are demonstrated. Discover not only one but the many sensational spots available inside a woman's vagina for the optimum amount of sensation and pleasure.
A 3 Minute Orgasm

What is orgasm? How do you define orgasm?

How do you reliably create an orgasm in a woman's body every time and anytime?

Here are the first steps to having better orgasm, in just three minutes...
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